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Hand Ice Auger with Curve Blades, U-connection and Extension

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  • Hand Ice Auger with Curve Ice Blades and Offset Crank
  • Hand Ice Auger with Curve Blades and U-connection
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  • Hand Ice Auger with Curve Blades, T-connection and Extension
  • Hand Ice Auger with Curve Blades, U-connection and Extension
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  • X Series Hand Ice Auger

Product Abstract:

Curve Blades, U-connection and Extension

Product Description


CUE Series: Curve Blades, U-connection and Extension


Use U-connection parts. You can separat them and fold. Easy to take and store.

Increase drilling height with light weight extension. More choices!

Soft rubber handle, comfortable grips. Human engineering handle, more friction and never slipping.

Very smooth turning between handle and crank: without any friction feeling and man-power-saving.

Data of CUE series ice auger:

ModelsDiameterMax Ice ThicknessTotal HeightMin HeightNet WeightFolded Height

Characters of Darston Ice Auger

  • Equipped with precision machined razor-sharp stainless steel blades.

  • Grinding machine: with autocompensation function to keep every blade exactly same and sharp!

  • Drilling speed (for example 6" ice auger): 2cm/second while you just rotates horizontally instead of pressing down.

  • Less jamming when drilling through.

  • Bottom of drill unit steel tube is weld-sealed totally to avoid rusting inside.

  • Auto welding.

  • Customized anti-skid screws to fix ice blades. Suit for spanner and hex wrench: More choices.

  • An allen key equipped in cover. You can removes screws whenever&wherever: very conienvent!

  • Fine workmanship and quality process contral strictly.


-- Ice blades are extremely sharp! Caution when replacing ice blades or removing cover!

-- Keep children away from ice drills. Teenster can use it only if accompanied by an adult!

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