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Characters of Darston Ice Augers
2016-10-12 12:27:43

 Characters of Darston Ice Auger

  • Equipped with precision machined razor-sharp stainless steel blades.

  • Grinding machine: with autocompensation function to keep every blade exactly same and sharp!

  • Drilling speed(for example 6" ice auger): 2cm/second while you just rotates horizontally instead of pressing down.

  • Less jamming when drilling through.

  • Very smooth turning between handle and crank: without any friction feeling and man-power-saving.

  • Human engineering handle, more friction force and never slipping; Soft rubber handle, comfortable grip!

  • Bottom of drill unit steel tube is weld-sealed totally to avoid rusting inside.

  • Auto welding.

  • Customized anti-skid screws to fix ice blades. Suit for spanner and hex wrench: More choices.

  • An allen key equipped in cover. You can remove screws whenever & wherever:very conienvent!

  • Fine workmanship and quality process control strictly.

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